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Straight from Godzilla's Breath its...

A free game for all gators to enjoy!

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You must have DirectX 8.0 or greater on your machine to run Rescue from Space 

The Story
It's Gameday!!!  There's nothing more exciting than a Saturday afternoon 
of Florida Football.  As Gatorman heads to the stadium for the game, he 
realizes he has a slight problem.  He has somehow stumbled into the opposing 
team's tailgating lot.  The fate of the Gators now lies in the hands of 
Gatorman.  He battles his way through the unruly fans to make it to the 
stadium so he can cheer on the Gators and lead them to victory!  Should he not
make it to the stadium before kick-off, the team's morale will be 
destroyed and the Gators will be defeated.

Level 1 - Florida/Tennesee - Gatorman was heading to the game for this 
early season shootout in his Gatormobile when he mysteriously got a flat 
tire.  Now marooned in the Tennesee infected area of UF, Gatorman will face 
a rough journey to make it to the stadium in time.

Level 2 - Florida/Georgia - The Largest Outdoor Cocktail party!  
So large that Gatorman spent a little too much time partying and missed 
the bus from the pep rally to the stadium.  Too bad for Gatorman, he's 
stuck deep in Georgia Territory and will have to face the Dawgs all on 
his own.
Level 3 - Florida/Florida State - It's the biggest rivalry in College Football.  
This time the noles have taken things too far.  As our hero heads to the game 
he stumbles along an FSU pep rally to discover the Steve Spurrier himself has 
been kidnapped.  Now it's up to Gatorman himself save Spurrier and get him quickly
to the game. 
Your Mission
To get Gatorman to the stadium before kickoff!

Jetpack - Blasts Gatorman in the direction he is facing
Gatorhelmet - extra life
Misc Items - restores health


Right Arrow	Moves Gatorman to the right
Left Arrow	Moves Gatorman to the left
Down Arrow	Makes Gatorman duck
Up Arrow 	Activates jetpack
RCTRL or Space	Make Gatorman attack
Left Alt	Make Gatorman Jump
Enter		Abort/fast forward any cutscene
Shift		Start Game
ESC		Exit Game
J		Enables Joystick
R		Reverses Stereo
P		Pause/Unpause
C		Turn off background art, for slower machines


Action				Score awarded
Hitting a Pompom			50
Hitting a Badfan 			100
Hitting a Chef	 			100
Hitting a FSU Fan 			200
Hitting a Fatty				100
Hitting a Oldguy			100
Hitting a Boomboy			300
Hitting a Little Smokey			25
Hitting a Little Bulldog		25
Hitting a Gunboy			100
Hitting a Flag				500
Defeating Hairy Dawg			100,000
Defeating Smokey			100,000
Defeating Chief Osceola			100,000
Finding Alberta				5,000
Surviving the Tennessee Bonus Round	Extra Life
Anything hit by a ricochet football is double points.